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Jeff Schultz

Fintech Card Implementation Strategies, LLC
Philadelphia, PA

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Do you need an advocate to make certain your physical card program will be done right, on time, and without added expense?  Do you know how long it takes to get a contactless card designed and manufactured and how they are fulfilled on a daily basis?  Are you aware of what the strains on the supply chain are doing to EMV chips, PVC, and holograms?  Let's face it, today's FinTech startups knows everything about social media, analytics, marketing, and distribution, but when they want to launch, cards are often overlooked and addressed so far down the road it threatens those launch dates.

My name is Jeff Schultz, and I have been in the card space for over 25 years, working alongside the largest FIs and smallest newbie challenger banks, and there is a world of difference between those two mindsets. As President of FinTechCard, I offer advice only experience can teach about the card manufacturing/daily fulfillment industry, and as VP of FinTech Services for ABCorp, I can provide state of the art products, delivery, and services to support your program from inception to scale.  If I can help, please feel free to let me know.

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